Who we are

The Concrete Studio ® offers an incredible selection of concrete tiles, pavers, edgestones, kerbstones , blocks and concrete furniture. It’s is a high end brand of one of the leading concrete manufacturing groups in Pakistan, HS Crete Pvt Ltd.

We offer you the ability to run a high profit margin, low overhead retail concrete tile store, with no previous experience.

The Concrete Studio franchise is established to systemize the process of taking concrete products to market at high margins for high end residential market and rock bottom prices for the wholesale market.

Our successful approach to selling concrete tiles and products has created a strong demand for our franchises. Our extensive training allows non-tile entrepreneurs with business minds to run an operation that can be very lucrative. Our low-price concept is driven by the low overhead produced by our concrete floors, lack of elaborate tile displays, small staff sizes and simple approach to conducting business.

Excellent Support and Service

The Concrete Studio is in search of Entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic, energetic and capable of operating a Concrete Studio franchise. The Concrete Studio offers excellent support and service in both training and ongoing support for franchise. In order to give you an idea of what our franchise agreement entails, below is a basic outline of what we offer:

Operations Manual: Complete instruction for day-to-day operation.

3-Day Training: At our corporate location in Karachi.

5-Day Training: At your site!
Pre-define Product List: Everything you need to stock.

Pre-established Vendor Relationships and Pre-negotiated prices.

Advertising Materials: Newspaper ads and graphics.

Website Listing: Your store listed on our site.

Low Overhead/High Profit business model.

The Concrete Studio franchise advantages:

Quick return on investment

2 to 3 employees max

Flexible store hours (you choose)

No investment in factory facility or stocks

No Experience needed

All top quality, non fad products

Continuous product development and introduction of new products offered to all Franchisee.

Restricted number of franchises

Interested parties should send their business profile to the following email id along with city of interest.